Calling All Readers

Dear Readers,

We would like to apologize for the lateness of the past two issues as well as the lack of new content. Some of this has been caused by the “Real World“ getting in the way of us getting things published. Most of those issues have been taken care of and should not cause further issues.

The larger problem is that we have a lack of content coming in. As you may notice, the vast majority of articles in Hall of Fire since we took over have been written by us. We have no problems with writing content for for Hall of Fire, but if we are suffering from writer’s block, that may mean that we have to delay the issue until we can get past that. Also it means that in several issues, we only have two articles. Even when we have a submission from a reader, the issues are still small comparative to where they where when Hall of Fire started.

Because of this, we are leaving the fate of Hall of Fire in the hands of the readers. Unlike a professional magazine, we do not have a staff whose sole duty is generating content. Hall of Fire has always been a “Fan Webzine”, not just because it is written for the fans of the game, but because it is written by the fans of the game. In order for us to continue publishing Hall of Fire, we are going to need content generated by our readers.

We are not planning on anything rash at this point, but we need to hear from you. While new writers are important and would be nice to have the names of people that would like to write for us, we also want to hear your ideas about how to entice people to write for Hall of Fire. For that matter just having people let us know that they would miss Hall of Fire if it ceases to be published would be uplifting to us.

Please leave any comments for us on the forums at: or email us at


Micah A. Walles (Razor77) & Celebraen
Co-Editors Hall of Fire

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